IEC SB RAS - Svetlana I. Shtel’makh

Svetlana I. Shtel’makh

Scope of expertise: X-ray fluorescence analysis of rocks, geochemistry.

  1. S.I. Shtel’makh, T.Yu. Cherkashina, G.V. Pashkova X-ray fluorescence determination    of trace elements in carbonaceous rock and fluorite ore using S8 TIGER spectrometer. Analytics   and control. 2015. V 19, № 2. P. 121–129.
  2. T.G. Ryashchenko,  S.I. Shtel’makh Gorome cave deposit microelement structure.  Proceedings of the Earth Sciences Section Siberian Branch of the RANS. Geology, searches and  prospection of metalliferous deposits. 2015. V 51, № 2. P. 88–96.
  3. T.G. Ryashchenko,  S.I. Shtel’makh, P.S. Belyanin, N.I. Belyanina, S.V. Chernov, V.V. Ivanov Microstructure and geochemical features of Cenozoic sediments (Khabarovsk region, Sooli river valley). Otechestvennaia geologiia. 2014. №4. P. 31–41.
  4. Tirskikh, S.A., Vashestyuk, Yu.V. Shtelmakh, S.I. & Ryashchenko, T.G. (2014). – Comprehensive study of construction site technogenic soils near the town of Norilsk (integration experience of production and research results).Bulletin of Irkutsk State Technical University (Vestnik of Irkutsk State Technical University), 2, 80-85 (in Russian).
  5. T.G. Ryashchenko, V.V. Akulova, N.N. Ukhova, S.I. Shtel’makh, N.N. Grin Loess soils of the Mongolian-Siberian region. Irkutsk, Institute of the Earth’s Crust of SB RAS,  2014. 241 p.
  6. Ryashchenko, T.G., Ukhova, N.N., Shte’lmakh, S.I., Belyanina, N.I. & Belyanin, P.S. (2011). – Hypothesis of the brown loam formation in the Primorye region (Russian Far East): Hindsight and the new view. – Russian Journal of Pacific Geology, 30(3), 238-249.
  7. T.G. Ryashchenko, N.N. Ukhova, S.I. Shtel’makh Comparative analysis of loess geochemical features  of the south of Eastern Siberia and Belarus.   Otechestvennaya geologiia. 2011.    № 2. P. 82–87.
  8. Ryashchenko, T.G., Ukhova, N.N. & Shtelmakh S.I. (2011). – Geochemical criteria for the engineering and geological evaluation of dispersed soils in the south of the Eastern Siberia (methodical aspects). – Bulletin of Irkutsk State Technical University (Vestnik of the Irkutsk State University), 2, 58-62 (in Russian).
  9. Ryashchenko, T.G. & Shtel’makh, S.I. (2008). –  Microelements in dispersive soils of different geological-genetic complexes (by the example of main areas in Tunka depression). Geology, searches and  prospection of metalliferous deposits. – Bulletin of Irkutsk State Technical University (Vestnik of Irkutsk State Technical University), 6, 161-168 (in Russian).
  10. Shtelmakh, S.I. (2008), - Microelements in disperse grounds ofZabaikalje (engineering and geological strip-pits – Mogotuy Settlement). – Bulletin of Irkutsk State Technical University (Vestnik of Irkutsk State Technical University), 4, 42-44 (in Russian).

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