Center for Geodynamics and Geochronology

Headed by Alexey V. Ivanov, Doctor of Science in Geology and Mineralogy

The staff consists of 30 persons, among which are three doctors (habilitation equivalent) and four candidates of sciences (PhD equivalent).

The Group of Analytical Chemistry (head V.S. Lebedeva) and the Group of Methods for the Physical Analysis (atomic emission and X-ray spectrometry, head A.I. Chernenko) were initially established at the Department of Petrology (head I.V. Belov) of the Institute in 1950s to study rock, ore and mineral compositions. The Department of Analytical Laboratories (Laboratory of Physical Methods, head A.I. Chernenko, and Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, head G. N. Kasheev) was established in 1962. The Laboratory of Isotopy and Geochronology was founded in 1972 and joined with the Laboratory of Physical Methods in 1974. In 1972-1988, the laboratory was headed by S.B. Brandt, and since 1988 – by A.G. Revenko. In 1995, it merged with the Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry (headed by Yu.I. Sizykh in 1971-1995). In 1996, the Laboratory of Isotopy and Geochronology separated as independent division under supervision of S.V. Rasskazov. In 1998, all analytical subdivisions of the Institute merged into the Analytical Center (head A.G. Revenko), which has been reorganized later in 2015 into the Center for Geodynamics and Geochronology under supervision of A.V. Ivanov.

Major research lines and activities:

Analytical methods:

  • Thermal ionization mass-spectrometry for Sr, Nd, Pb isotope geochemistry

  • Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry for trace element geochemistry

  • X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy for major and trace element geochemistry

  • X-ray crystallography for mineral investigations

  • Atomic absorption spectroscopy, atomic emission spectroscopy, flame photometry, spectrophotometry, gravimetry, titrimetry and potentiometry for major and selected trace element geochemistry

Web of Science-indexed publications

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1949 and USSR Academy of Sciences Presidium Decree, dated February 24, 1949 as a response to the foundation of the Branch. It was renamed into the East-Siberian Geological Institute in 1957; since 1962, it had been known as the Institute of the Earth’s Crust SB AS USSR and obtained its current name in 1992.

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