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Tamara G. Ryashchenko

Scope of expertise

A specialist in engineering geology and geoecology, an author of more than 300 scientific publications. The research interests cover engineering-geological aspects of loess problem, study the regularities in composition and microstructure formation and properties of disperse grounds, engineering-geological mapping, geoecological analysis of urban areas, seismic zoning, use of geochemical criteria for a geological assessment of disperse grounds.

  1. Ryashchenko T.G., Akulova  V.V., Erbaeva M.A. Loessial soils of Priangaria, Transbaikalia, Mongolia and northwestern China // Quaternary International. – 2008. – №  179. – P. 90 – 95.
  2. RyashchenkoT.G., Akulova V.V., Ukhova N.N. Processes loessal lithogenesis during the pleistocene – holocene (south of the Eastern Siberia)) // Quaternary International. 2011. № 234 (1-2). P. 155–155.
  3. Ryashchenko T.G., Akulova V.V., Rubtsova M. N. Aeolian sedimentation in Pribaikalye (Late Pleistocene – Holocene) // Quaternary International. 355 (2015). P. 52–56.

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